Create Significant Added Value for Your Building with Screen Roller Blinds

In modern construction, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly emphasized. As climate change progresses, the importance of temperature-regulating blinds becomes more pronounced. Traditional air conditioning units increase energy consumption, which accelerates climate change and, of course, raises costs.

The solar protection features of screen roller blinds directly reflect in reduced energy bills. They mitigate external heat load and prevent excessive warming of indoor spaces. Consequently, the need for cooling the building is significantly reduced, leading to lower energy consumption.

Where Do Screen Roller Blinds Fit?

Screen roller blinds are an excellent curtain solution for any building; housing associations, new buildings, offices, public spaces, etc. Their stylish appearance creates a modern and representative facade for the building. A building with an elegant facade is also a more pleasant place to be.

Large window surfaces are becoming increasingly common. Screen roller blinds are perfect for these applications. They can cover even large glass surfaces, customized as needed, and the control mechanism can be motorized, for example, to be used with home automation.

Enhanced Living Comfort for Residents and Others in the Building

Screen roller blinds not only provide temperature regulation and energy efficiency. They significantly enhance the living comfort of the residents.

The view from inside to outside is maintained, allowing you to enjoy the scenery even when the blinds are fully down. Staying and working indoors becomes much more pleasant as glare and overheating are prevented.

The elegant appearance of screen roller blinds also adds to the comfort and fits well with many different interior styles.

These are important points whose significance will grow, and in the real estate market, buyers will come to demand them.