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Controlling thermal comfort both at home and at work

Indoor air quality is defined by thermal comfort, visual comfort and acoustic comfort. Windows and sun protection play a crucial role in the first two.


Operational temperature is created by the combined effect of room temperature and the temperatures of the surrounding surfaces. The temperature on the internal surface of the glass may differ considerably from the temperature of the room and other surfaces.


External sun protection can effectively control the temperature of window surfaces and significantly improve thermal comfort. Good external solutions include, for example, zip-screens, external blinds and awnings. Excellent internal solutions include blinds (aluminium and wood) and Screen roller blinds.

Thermal comfort is easy to implement with the smart Hasta Tension roller blinds


The Hasta Tension features a fastening mechanism that is the smartest solution for internal sun protection: no screws and no holes, fast and easy to install and a stylish look! It also creates a surface for companies to print logos and texts on.


Research data on productivity


Did you know that room temperature has several effects on people?

  • Temperature affects productivity. Too high or low temperatures will decrease endurance at work. In a typical word processing job, the best temperature is 20°C to 24°C.
  • High indoor temperatures have a clear link to the onset of the “sick building syndrome” and the deterioration of observed air quality.
  • High temperatures in classrooms impair study success. It has been shown that a temperature of 20°C is considerably better than 25°C.
  • Excessively high temperatures also intensify experienced dryness.
  • Low temperatures, on the other hand, impair finger dexterity and may thus reduce productivity.
  • Low temperatures can also make the room feel drafty.

Since solar loads are stored in areas near windows, the difference between these areas and other indoor temperatures can be significant. In open-plan offices, the difference between the interior and the edge zones can be several degrees.


However, there is no doubt that daylight feels better than artificial light. Visual contact with the outside world is generally considered an important factor for well-being. Yet the light is sometimes too bright and the contrasts too high. In order for daylight to be fully utilised, it must be controlled. A good way of controlling, are blinds, as they can adjust visual contact with the outside world.


Glaring light in the field of vision is caused by high luminance. It usually interferes with work. Glare often comes from direct sunlight that hits the surfaces in the office. Without sun protection, visual comfort is often difficult to achieve. Daylight is important for health, well-being and productivity. Therefore, the utilization of daylight should be taken into account already at the early design phases of construction.

What is a Screen roller blind?

The Screen roller blinds provide a modern, versatile and energy-saving solution when you want to regulate light and temperatures efficiently.


The fabric stops up to 95 % of UV radiation but allows a pleasant view outside and suitable light access to the interior. This roller blind also serves as visual protection from outside, thus improving privacy.


The range includes stylish colours, different sizes and mounting options for various surfaces. If you can’t find a suitable standard product, the blinds can be tailored to your requirements.



Beautifully straight, Screen roller blinds complete many styles of space and décor. They are ideal for both private and public spaces: detached houses, cottages, apartment buildings, glazed balconies and terraces, offices and other business premises.



  • lowers cooling costs
  • provides thermal insulation
  • acts as a sun visor
  • filters UV radiation
  • one-way visibility, have the view and the privacy
  • prevents textiles from fading
  • easy care
  • vacuuming, wiping with a damp cloth
  • available motorized
  • available tailor-made


Screen roller blinds are a great solution for all the glazed balconies of an apartment building. They make the facade of the building look great and their sun protection features are directly reflected in the energy bill of the housing association.


Screen roller blinds significantly curb the external heat load and excessive heating of the interior. This significantly reduces the need for cooling the property.


Large window surfaces are becoming more common in apartment buildings. The Screen roller blinds are perfect for these kinds of properties. Tailor-made blinds make it easy to cover even unusually large window surfaces, and the control mechanism can be made either manual or automated.


Decorating glazed balconies with Screen roller blinds increases the comfort of residents. The view from the inside out remains excellent, even with the curtains down, while excessive heat is prevented from entering the apartments. Staying and working indoors is much more pleasant when distracting glare and reflections are removed.


The use of Screen roller blinds improves the look of both new and older apartment buildings and has a positive effect on the cityscape.

Design a unique home with digitally printed roller blinds

Digitally printed roller blinds make any space unique. Digitally printed roller blinds are made with your visuals. We can print photos, a company logo, a child’s drawing or anything you wish!


The image can be printed on different materials, such as translucent, blackout or Screen. We recommend selecting a blackout roller, as it brings out the colours nicely. The mechanism options for the digital-pressed roller curtain are loose brackets, motorised, Multifix and Hasta Tension.

  • The Hasta Multifix roller blinds can be easily and quickly installed by squeezing them directly into the window frame with the accessories that come with the package – no screws, no holes! The blinds follow when the window is opened.
  • The patented Hasta Tension™ fastening mechanism allows roller blinds to be attached to gaps and large windows, where drilling holes is not an option.

Tip! An image can be printed on a roller blind and installed on a wall as a canvas. This works well in advertising, for example, at your company's office or at home creating a unique visual.


Digitally printed roller blinds allow you to get creative! The recommendation is at least 1 pixel per square millimetre. Example: The roller blind is 1000x1800 mm. The recommendation is at least 1000×1800 pixels.

Digitally printed roller blinds are one of our tailor-made products. Please contact us at or fill out the form.