ZIP Roller Shade Keeps Interiors Cool - Even Without Electricity!

ZIP Roller Shade Keeps Interiors Cool - Even Without Electricity!

The ZIP roller shade is the best and most energy-efficient solution for sun protection on the market. By stopping thermal radiation outside the building, it prevents heat from transferring through the window glass into the interior.

The shade blocks up to 90% of thermal radiation, significantly reducing the need for cooling the building. By decreasing the cooling demand, you can save up to 50% on the building's energy consumption.

Customize the Shades to Fit Your Space

Thanks to their versatile appearance and features, ZIP shades are the perfect choice for both new and traditional buildings. There are several models of ZIP shades available. In addition to selecting the model, you can choose the fabric and frame color, as well as the fabric's density percentage, which indicates how dense the shade's weave is. The shade is also available with a blackout screen fabric.

ZIP shades suit modern architecture and traditional buildings, offering a stylish and practical sun protection solution.

Can ZIP Roller Shades Be Used Without Electricity?

The versatility of ZIP shades extends beyond their appearance and efficient performance. You can choose a high-quality solar-powered motor, eliminating the need for electricity!

This makes the shades an ideal solution for buildings without electricity or with limited external electrical access.

Benefits of the Solar-Powered Motor

  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective solar-powered motor
  • Battery charges in daylight - no direct sunlight needed
  • NO electricity required!
  • Battery is fully pre-charged
  • Battery lasts up to 30 days in complete darkness! (with the shade raised and lowered twice a day)

Choose ZIP roller shades for an energy-efficient, stylish, and practical sun protection solution that keeps your interiors cool, even without electricity!